People are highly inclined towards electric bikes, and when it comes to choosing the right ones, the major consideration is the range of e bikes. It is very important to choose a long range electric bike in order to ensure a stressless journey.

There are various specifications of an e bike which must be taken into consideration when selecting one, but the most important of them is the range of the e bike. It gives you a sense of safety and allows you to cover long distances without hassle.

If you are also looking forward to learning about the best options for long-range e bikes, then this guide below can be of great help to you. So, let's read below.

long range electric bike - samebike m20iii

Best Long Range Electric Bikes

Here, you will find the top 8 long-range e bikes which are ideal for 2024, specifications of these e bikes are also given.


SAMEBIKE M20-III is the electric bicycle with longest range that has a 2000W motor. This electric bike has a range of 220 km and comes with a 48V 36AH battery, with a top speed of 60 km/h. The SAMEBIKE M20-III's construction is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, making it a long-lasting and durable choice.

It also comes with an LCD display to keep you updated on important parameters during your ride, and features a Shimano 7-speed transmission and hydraulic disc brakes for good shifting and braking performance. It has 5 pedal levels and a charging time of between 4 and 6 hours.

2. Engwe P275 ST

Engwe P275 ST is a long-range electric bicycle that offers a range of 260 Km at PAS level 1 and 150 Km at PAS level 5. It is composed of a structure equipped with 6061 aluminum alloy, which keeps it robust. Moreover, the 250W brushless mid-drive motor offers 70 N.m torque, which allows for a good climb of about 10 degrees.

It has a Shimano 9-speed transmission system and the front and rear hydraulic disc brakes to offer maximum control. The battery in this e bike is a Samsung lithium-ion battery of 36V 19.2Ah, with a charging time of 3 to 8 hours. And the Engwe P275 ST has a top speed of 25 km/h, which is in line with European standards.


LANKELEISI MG740 PLUS is a versatile long-distance electric bike with hydraulic disc brakes of 180mm. The front suspension and front fork offer more control over the bike, and the 26*4.0-inch fat tires offer great handling in rough terrains.

It has a 48V 20Ah lithium-ion battery, which is powerful, and the 1000-watt front and hub motor combined gives it an exceptional range of 150 Km. LANKELEISI MG740 PLUS includes 5 levels of power assist mode, with an acceleration of up to 51 Km/hour, allowing you to enjoy the passion of speed and an easy riding experience.

lankeleisi mg740 plus


When looking for an electric cycle, long range is a must. The LANKELEISI RV800 Plus is an aluminum alloy based e bike which is a light and sturdy frame consisting of a 48V 20AH battery. It has a 750W high-speed brushless motor and 26x4 inch fat tires, which are ideal for all sorts of routes.

It gives an 1130-watt peak power and makes you enjoy your adventure of climbing hills and moving through rugged trails. The torque is 100 Nm, and you can enjoy a commendable performance and an impressive climb. The maximum range offered by this electric bike is 150 Km with pedal assist, which is quite impressive.

5. Engwe L20

Engwe L20 is a long range electric bike which can cover a distance of 140 Km on one charge. The bike comprises a 250W motor and has 7-speed Shimano gears as well. It has 20x4-inch fat tires and 160mm front and rear disc mechanical brakes, which offer better control in different situations.

The maximum speed offered by this e bike is 25 km per hour, and there is a front basket, rear rack and head and tail light as well.

6. Fafrees F20 X-Max

Fafrees F20 X Max is a foldable e bike which has fat tires and offers an exceptionally long range. Equipped with a 48V 30 Ah battery and a 750 W hub motor, this long-distance e-bike has a maximum range of 140 km on a single charge, and it also comes with a triple suspension system, including rear and front suspension, which gives the bike a higher shock absorption capability.

It has a combination of front and rear lights followed by hydraulic brakes, ensuring safety and more control. The best part is that you can go along every type of route while using this e bike, no matter if it is steep hills or snowy roads.

long distance electric bike - fafrees f20 x max


SAMEBIKE XWLX09-II is a long-range electric bike with exceptional design and features. It has an LCD display which gives a sight to the information which includes the mileage, battery status and other parameters. And its 1000W motor can support a ride in challenging terrains.

The battery of this e bike offers a maximum range of 130 Km on one charge, and it's a 48V 15 Ah battery. The lockable suspension forks and hydraulic disc brakes help in absorbing the shocks and bumps from all types of terrains, ensuring a smooth ride.


If you are looking for a 100-mile range electric bike, the Duotts N26 is one of the best options to have hands-on. It has 2 750-watt motors, which offer a torque of 130 Nm. Coupled with a 48V 20 Ah Samsung battery and a Shimano 7-speed shifter, it allows you to ride long distances and relieve your range anxiety.

In addition, its front and rear shock absorbers absorb all impacts to ensure a smooth ride. At the same time, it also has a pedal assist sensor and a 5-speed multi-function LCD display to enhance your riding experience.


The 8 long range ebikes recommended above are great for investment. Not only are they known for providing seamless range, they also come with a variety of other value-added features and affordable prices. You can find a range of electric bikes with different specifications on Buymoreway, and get the long range electric bike that suits you best, so take a look.

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