Electric bikes are transforming the way we commute and explore our world. With their ability to provide motor-assisted pedaling, they make cycling accessible to a wider audience, including those who may find traditional cycling challenging. Electric bike that looks like a motorcycle takes this concept a step further by combining the powerful performance and rugged looks of motorcycles with the practicality and sustainability of e-bikes.

So what exactly are e-bikes that look like motorcycles? Let's take a closer look at these fascinating machines, including their features, benefits, and top models.

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Part 1: What is an Electric Bike That Looks Like a Motorcycle?

Part 2: Benefits of E-bikes That Look Like Motorcycles

Part 3: 10 Best Electric Bikes That Look Like Motorcycles

What is an Electric Bike That Looks Like a Motorcycle?

Electric bicycles that look like motorcycles are essentially e-bikes designed with the aesthetic and functional elements of motorcycles. These e-bikes often feature larger frames, robust tires, and powerful motors, making them visually and functionally similar to traditional motorcycles. The design inspiration can range from vintage cafe racers to modern sports bikes, catering to a variety of tastes.

a man wearing a helmet rides an engwe m20 on the road

Key features of ebikes that look like motorcycles include:

  1. Powerful Motors: Typically ranging from 500W to 3000W, these motors provide high levels of assistance and speed.
  2. Large Batteries: To support their powerful motors, these e-bikes come with substantial battery capacities, often offering ranges of 50 miles or more on a single charge.
  3. Sturdy Frames: Built to resemble motorcycle frames, they are usually made of durable materials like steel or aluminum.
  4. Fat Tires: Wide tires enhance stability and performance on various terrains, giving them a robust and aggressive look.
  5. Advanced Components: Many come with hydraulic disc brakes, suspension systems, and high-quality lighting, ensuring safety and comfort.

An electric bicycle that looks like a motorcycle is perfect for those who want the power and look of a motorcycle but prefer the simplicity and eco-friendliness of an e-bike.

Benefits of E-bikes That Look Like Motorcycles

1. Enhanced Aesthetics

Electric bike that looks like a moped stands out with their unique and striking designs. Whether inspired by classic motorcycles or modern sports bikes, these e-bikes are visually appealing and can turn heads wherever you go.

2. Powerful Performance

Equipped with high-wattage motors, these e-bikes deliver impressive acceleration and speed. They are capable of handling steep hills and rough terrains with ease, making them suitable for both urban commuting and off-road adventures.

3. Extended Range

The large batteries used in these e-bikes provide extended ranges, allowing riders to travel longer distances without frequent recharging. This makes them ideal for long commutes or recreational rides.

4. Robust Build Quality

Designed to mimic the structure of motorcycles, e-bikes that look like motorcycles are often built with durable materials and high-quality components. This ensures they can withstand the rigors of various riding conditions and offer a longer lifespan.

5. Versatility

With their sturdy build and powerful performance, these e-bikes are highly versatile. They can be used for city commuting, weekend getaways, and even off-road trails, making them a practical choice for diverse riding needs.

6. Eco-Friendly

Like all e-bikes, those that resemble motorcycles are environmentally friendly. They produce zero emissions and help reduce your carbon footprint, contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.

7. Cost-Effective

E-bikes are generally more affordable to operate than motorcycles or cars. They require less maintenance, no fuel, and lower overall running costs. Additionally, many regions offer incentives for electric vehicle purchases.

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8. Health Benefits

While these e-bikes provide significant motor assistance, they still encourage physical activity. Riders can choose to pedal, benefiting from the exercise and improving their overall health and fitness.

9. Regulatory Benefits

In many places, e-bikes are subject to less stringent regulations than motorcycles. This means no need for a special license, registration, or insurance, simplifying ownership and reducing costs.

10. Fun Factor

Riding an electric bike that looks like a motorcycle is a thrilling experience. The blend of power, style, and the joy of riding makes these e-bikes exceptionally fun to use.

best electric bikes that look like motorcycles - fafrees f20 ultra

10 Best Electric Bikes That Look Like Motorcycles

1. Engwe M20

The Engwe M20 is Engwe's first product to feature a stylish motorcycle-style design, standing out with its sturdy structure and powerful 750W motor. In addition to its eye-catching appearance and powerful motor, it also features a dual suspension system and 20*4.0 wide tires to cope with all-terrain challenges. Its 48V 13Ah battery provides considerable range, which is perfect for long-distance riding - its dual-battery version can provide up to 150 kilometers of range.

2. Fafrees F20 Ultra

With a 750W hub motor and a 48V 25Ah battery, this electric bicycle that looks like a motorcycle is capable of giving you long and exciting rides. At the same time, it provides you with a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to its sturdy 20*5.0 wide tires and dual suspension. It can adapt perfectly to daily commutes and off-road adventures, making it your perfect travel companion.

3. Duotts S26

Designed for adventure enthusiasts, the Duotts​​ S26 is equipped with a 750W dual motor and a 48V 20Ah Samsung battery. Its dual 750W motor system pushes electric riding to unparalleled heights, allowing you to easily conquer various terrains throughout your journey; while its large-capacity battery ensures long-distance riding - in Pedal Assisted Mode, you can ride 100-120km on a single charge. In addition, its full suspension and 26-inch wide tires ensure a smooth ride on any terrain, making it an ideal choice for those seeking off-road excitement.

4. Lankeleisi RV700

The Lankeleisi RV700 features a striking design, a powerful 1000W motor and a 48V 16Ah removable lithium battery, giving you the opportunity to see different landscapes and traverse different terrains. While providing an exciting adventure experience, it also ensures riding safety. Hydraulic disc brakes, suspension system and wide tires are all designed to make riding safer and smoother.

electric bike that looks like a motorcycle - lankeleisi rv700

5. Michael Blast Greaser Classic

Michael Blast Greaser Classic is one of the best electric bikes that looks like a motorcycle. It is equipped with a BAFANG 500W geared brushless hub motor, Samsung lithium-ion battery (48V 14.5Ah or 36V 13Ah), cadence sensor system, Taiwan Star Union hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano Altus X7-speed and 5-speed motor assist drivetrain, providing excellent performance.

6. Monday Motorcycles Piezo

The Monday Motorcycles Piezo is a high-performance e-bike with a 2000W rear hub motor and a 72V battery, giving you a quiet, relaxing ride without range anxiety. Although it looks like a motorcycle and has a high-powered motor and high-capacity battery, this e-bike is actually designed for urban commuting rather than off-roading, aiming to make commuting faster, more fun and easier.

7. Super73 Z Miami

The Super73 Z Miami is a compact neighborhood adventure bike that's ready to conquer the streets with new colors, a bright headlight, and a powerful UL2271-compliant battery. Designed for riders 16 and older, it features throttle-priority operation and is preprogrammed in Class-2 mode, with a top speed of 20 mph with pedal assist. When switched to Class-1, Class-3, or Off-Road mode, it can reach a top speed of 26+ mph. Besides, its removable battery provides a range of 30+ miles at 20 mph using only the throttle and 50+ miles with pedal assist.

e-bike that looks like a motorcycle - super73 z miami

8. Quietkat Lynx

The QuietKat Lynx is a café moto-inspired all-terrain electric bike designed for urban commuting and off-road adventures. Equipped with a 1000W hub-drive motor and VPO™ technology, the Lynx seamlessly switches between Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 and Unlimited modes. The QuietKat app offers innovative connectivity features including GPS monitoring, ride tracking and remote lock/unlock.

9. Revibikes Cheetah

Revibikes Cheetah is a fat tire electric bike designed for power and comfort. It features a 750W Bafang motor with a peak power of 1200W and a torque of 95 Nm, making it easy to tackle steep hills and city traffic. Samsung battery options (13Ah/17.5Ah) ensure reliable performance for daily commuting or long-distance touring. And, Cheetah is equipped with 180mm hydraulic disc brakes to provide precise and responsive braking in all conditions. Its oversized cruiser saddle is made of gel-like memory foam, which provides superior comfort by reducing tailbone pressure.

10. Vintage 72 VOLT SHELBY II

Vintage Electric Bike pays tribute to legendary designer Carroll Shelby with the limited edition 72 VOLT SHELBY II. This powerful bike embodies Shelby's spirit of speed and performance with a 4000W drivetrain, 3x torque, and a top speed of 40 mph. Its 72V 1123Wh battery provides up to 75 miles of range and charges in just 3 hours. It also features a hydroformed aluminum frame, a retro-chic LED headlight, and front suspension design, combining vintage aesthetics with modern engineering.

Final Thoughts

An electric bike that looks like a motorcycle is a perfect blend of style, performance and practicality. They offer the excitement and beauty of motorcycles while retaining the benefits of electric bikes, such as being environmentally friendly, cost-effective and healthy. Whether you are looking for a powerful commuter, a versatile adventure bike, or just want a stylish ride, these electric bikes will meet your needs and make you fall in love with riding.

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