Electric bikes are an excellent investment if you seek an affordable, convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation. Known as e-bikes, the top models available today come in various styles and sizes, making it challenging to choose which e bike to buy. This guide will assist you in selecting the best electric bikes to buy.

Below you'll find electric bikes built for off-road adventures, as well as slimmer e-bikes ideal for commuting in a city, and others that fold, carry cargo, or have shock absorption. You'll find the best electric bikes cost more than regular bikes because you're not just paying for a cycle, but for the motor and battery, too. So it's best to consider what's the best e-bike to buy.

How to buy an e-bike that is suitable for you?

Selecting a right electric bike is important for rides. What factors should we consider before buying an electric bicycle?

Battery life

Lithium-ion batteries are the most common type of battery for electric bikes and typically last for 2 to 5 years, or around 500 to 1000 charge cycles.

Motor power

Motor power affects the speed and climbing ability of an e-bike, so choose the right power for your needs, such as city commuting or mountain biking.

Frame material

A quality aluminum or carbon fiber frame will last for many years, usually without significant wear and tear.


The price of electric bicycles ranges from a few thousand euros to several thousand euros, so choose a product with high-cost performance according to your own budget.

Riding comfort

Make sure the seat and handlebars are ergonomically designed so you don’t feel uncomfortable while riding for long periods of time.

Brand and after-sales service

Choose products from well-known brands and with good after-sales service to ensure product quality and easy maintenance in the future.

Different types of electric bikes to buy

No matter your preferred riding style, there's likely an e-bike version to match. So what types of e-bikes are there? Read the following passage to find the answer. At the same time, we will recommend corresponding bicycle products to you, so that you can choose the best e-bikes to buy.

City/Commuter Electric Bikes

✔Be designed specifically for urban travel, equipped with a large-capacity battery

✔Can potentially serve as car replacements for some riders

✔Typically offer rapid power output and can achieve higher speeds to match city traffic flow

✔Equipped with features such as headlights, tail lights and brake lights

ENGWE L20 is a full-featured e-bike with fashion looks and performance that exceeds the asking price. This bike provides a smooth ride on 20*4.0-inch wheels with front suspension. Many riders used this bike for longer-distance commutes and found very few reasons to complain. The mighty 48V13Ah Lithium-Ion battery means it has the juice to power through longer rides, while the high torque enables you to speed up in no time. It supports the speed up easily to 25 KM/H, which keeps you from being late for your commute to work.

L20 provides only one frame option: step-through style, which allows you to hop on your Ebikes with ease. The bike features highly adjustable components, allowing riders to customize its fit. (The adjustable height of the saddle is 82-98 cm) Additional front basket and rack attachments are available as add-ons to help you bring your briefcase and other stuff like umbrella and water. This bike's comfort and convenience-oriented features make you easy to commute.The good handling and balance makes the vehicle easier to turn, brake, and ride smoothly, reducing bumps and discomfort during the ride. It also allows you to navigate and handle traffic situations more accurately, increasing the efficiency and speed of your commute.

It also features a rear rack, fenders, and lights, so you'll be ready for wet or dark roads. If you want to buy the best electric bikes, why not consider such a premium e-bike?

a lady stands near the e-bike Engwe L20

Electric Cargo Bikes

✔Extra long to accommodate a larger rear cargo rack

✔Have a box/wheelbarrow-style cargo space in the front or rear of the rider

✔A dual kickstand

✔Are not very portable and are best suited to those who can ride them straight out of the garage

The Mycle Cargo is a big and solid electric cargo bike with storage capacity on the rear and sides of the bike. It can help you to carry your shopping home regularly and move equipment around frequently.

It has a 750W hub motor that quickly pushes to 20 mph by pedal assist. Power is abundant and smooth due to a 720Wh battery and torque sensor. The Mycle has a wide range and a 440-pound capacity, 143 pounds on the rack alone. The rear seat can host a variety of accessories that unlock its different purposes- hauling kids, cargo, coolers, etc.

However, it's not perfect—it's big, bulky, and very heavy, which makes it extremely difficult to store. At 1.87 meters, it's not a suggested ride for beginners. The length and footrests attached to the rear sides of the bike can catch you out if you're slaloming through traffic.

Fat Tire Electric Bikes

✔Feature extra wide and often knobby tires

✔Float better over soft conditions like sand, snow and muddy road

✔Provide better stability and balance

✔Absorb ground vibrations, reducing the sensation of bumps while riding

When it comes to nice looking electric bike, many people think of the beautifully designed and powerful Engwe M20. As Engwe's first product to feature a stylish motorcycle-style design, it stands out with its powerful 750W motor. This bicycle not only has a stylish appearance but also boasts excellent performance, making your riding even more enjoyable. Every aspect of the colors, materials, and overall design contributes to making this an exceptionally attractive e-bike. The green frame with mustard seat and black accessories are so unique and stylish that anyone is hard to take his eyes off the bike.The green frame can also be swapped out for a white or black option, with the latter looking particularly nice due to every part of the bike being black.

The tyres might be the thing everyone notices first about this bike. At 20 by 4.0 inches, these tyres are seriously fat and offer a sturdy ride regardless of weather conditions or travel speed. The three-layer design of rubber, carbon nano-braiding, and a butyl rubber inner tube makes these puncture-resistant while providing a great ride on any terrain.

With the two batteries, you can achieve a maximum range of 150 km in assist mode 1. This is more than enough for daily commutes or even a day out on the bike. With a great range but budget-friendly build quality, the M20 costs 1,299 for the dual battery option. If you're looking for the best electric bikes to buy, you can’t miss such an affordable bike M20.

the best electric bike Engwe M20

Electric Gravel Bikes

✔Strike a balance between road and off-road use

✔Include front suspension forks or seat post suspension

✔Have a geometry that balances comfort and performance

✔A comfortable option for long days of exploration

The CF Racer1 has a 252Wh downtube battery and a 250-watt hub that gives you just enough assistance. The electric drivetrain adds some weight, but the bike is only 28 lbs without pedals. The geometry of this e-bike is sporty, rapid on the road, and fairly capable off-road. The steeper angles mean it behaves better at slower gravel speeds.

Perhaps you're interested in getting off-road without the weight and complexity of a MTB. The CF Racer1 may be the most economical solution, but it won't fit everyone. With only two sizes and limited adjustability, the bike's audience is narrower than it deserves. Furthermore, it still requires a $2,295.00 investment.

Folding Electric Bikes

✔Are designed to fold down to minimize size and maximize portability

✔Typically have smaller diameter wheels, tall handlebars, and geometries dictated by their folding designs

✔Equipped with an electric assist system, typically including an electric motor and battery

✔Suitable for urban streets, suburban paths, and tourist attractions

The small yet powerful bike ENGWE T14 has a robust brushless 350W motor, allowing the bicycle to accelerate quickly and reach a top speed of 20 mph. The multiple bump absorbers grant you an extraordinary smooth riding experience. The bike handles well for a folding model, with good stability at high speeds and predictable steering. With a highly adjustable seat and handlebar, it also has a wider range of fit than most competitors. T14 has several useful features, including an LED display, adjustable shock-absorbing saddle, high-bright headlight, and rear reflective tape, which makes your ride easier and more comfortable. It is significantly lighter than other top performers and can be folded in 2 simple steps to store in your trunk.

This bike is without any major shortcomings. If you are seeking a folding e-bike to ride frequently and value portability and performance, T14 is your favorite option. Its performance and convenience combine to make it a very attractive and ultimately useful model. Plus, with the highest saddle height adjustable to 90 cm, taller riders will benefit from the greater-than-average height adjustment range.

a girl rides the best electric bike Engwe T14

There are numerous electric bikes to buy in BUYMOREWAY, each offering different features and price points to suit your needs. If you want to learn more about folding electric bikes, you can visit this online shop.


There are plenty of e-bikes to buy on the market, catering to various preferences and budgets. You can choose based on the functionalities you desire, such as commuting, cargo-carrying, shock absorption, off-roading, portability, etc.

The guide provides a comprehensive list of the best electric bikes to buy in 2024, complete with 5 types and recommendations. Additionally, it includes tips on what to look for in an electric bike, such as battery life, motor power, and key features, to make your purchasing decision easier.

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